Monday, December 6, 2010

Music you should buy...

I realized today that I should probably do an entire blog on music that you should ask for, buy, or give for the holidays..I'm also including a few fun pictures because I love pictures and they remind me of great memories :) ...I'm pretty critical when it comes to music and I'll be happy to reimburse anyone who buys any of this music and doesn't like it ;) YEP, I'm that confident about it. 
Let's start with Brett Eldredge's single 'Raymond'...and make sure you've got some tissue handy because this one is a tear jerker. I've had the privilege of working with Brett and becoming great friends with him. He's easily one of the most talented people that I have encountered since I've moved to Nashville and he is on his way to super stardom! The song is especially powerful because it tackles an issue that nobody in country music has touched on before but something that many of us (myself included) have experienced, Alzheimer's disease. I'm so proud of him and I'm positive that you'll be a big fan! You can purchase 'Raymond' on iTunes for $1.29. If you don't take my word for it, check out the other 97 reviews ;) You can also check out the music video here:
                           James Slater, Brett Eldredge, me, Brad Kennard at the Listening Room...Nashville.

Next on the list is Whitney Duncan's 'Right Road Now'....I know this isn't new but it's a must have for country lovers. First of all, I have no idea why this girl hasn't blown up yet (just another one of Nashville's mysteries)...You may remember her from the TV show 'Nashville Star' (which is where I first got hooked on her catchy tune 'Skinny Dippin'). Not only does she have killer songs and a sultry voice but she's a complete knock out! My personal favorites are: 'Little by Little', 'When I Said I Would' and 'The Bed That You Made'. She's also playing a show at Tin Roof Nashville on Wednesday..I plan on being there and hopefully you will be too :)

Another one of my favorites are the JaneDear Girls...if you haven't heard them WILL soon enough :) These girls will be joining Jason Aldean on his tour starting in January and I couldn't be more excited about it! It's a good feeling knowing that amazing things are happening for your friends and Danelle Leverett is one girl who is DEAR to my heart ;) (bad joke, DEAR..JaneDear..get it? yeah anyway...)  I find myself singing or humming 'Wildflower' on a daily's one of the most catchy songs that I've heard in a long time...Sometimes it's just nice to listen to a fun and positive song and this is it. Get their EP 'Wildflower' on iTunes for $ me, the best is YET TO COME for these two! I challenge anyone to listen to this song and NOT sing along. Also, check out their fun video here:

                                           Me, Danelle (The JaneDear Girls) and Ann Marie Boskovich

I hope by now you've all experienced the amazing artist known as Jerrod Niemann (oh and the HUNG JURY..ha)...Jerrod is one of those guys that you just can't help but to like...the same goes for his music. My personal favorites on this album are: 'Lover, Lover', 'What Do You Want' and 'I Hope You Get What You Deserve'...check out the video for 'What Do You Want' here:

                                                              Emily, Jerrod and me

I couldn't complete this blog without mentioning Jamey Johnson...I'm pretty positive that he's going to save country music and I've yet to have anyone argue with me about that. I'm still in love with 'That Lonesome Song' and if you haven't heard that...start there. The follow up album 'The Guitar Song' only gets better. My picks for 'That Lonesome Song' are : 'High Cost of Living', 'Mowin' Down the Roses (co-written by rock star and Lit guitarist Jeremy Popoff), 'Women' and his amazing cover of Waylon Jennings 'Dreaming My Dreams With You'...from 'The Guitar Song' : 'Macon', 'Can't Cash My Checks', 'Lonely At the Top', 'That's Why I Write Songs'...if you're a traditional country music're gonna love everything he does.

                                           George Jones, me and Jamey...on George's bus during BamaJam

Last but not new favorite group...The Band Perry! I've been so excited about them since I heard 'If I Die Young'...Kimberly Perry's voice is incredible and unique as are her creative lyrics in this beautiful song. I really love that they are a family band and the fact that they are bringing a bluegrass feel into modern country music. My personal favorites are : 'If I Die Young', 'Quittin' You', 'Postcard from Paris' and 'All Your Life'. Oh, did I mention they're up for a Grammy??? :) Sending congrats and many more nominations to come to this group!

I hope y'all like my favorites! Let me know what yours are!
Until next time...a little bit of sparkle and a whole lot of sas from MUSIC CITY!

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