Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let's talk OC Housewives & the Reunion...

Those of you who follow me on twitter or know me personally know that I LOVE me some reality TV..I am especially obsessed with the Housewives. I have watched every city and every season (except for Miami, but I mean, did ANYONE watch that?!) My favorite has always been and will always be the original, the OC Housewives. I never miss it. Ever. The only thing I look forward to more than a new episode is the highly anticipated reunion shows. They never disappoint me.

I will go ahead and admit to those of you who don't already know that I am a full-blown Gretchen fan. I've always liked her for some reason. I like her personality, I love the way she dresses and I think she's stunning. Her hair and makeup are always perfection and she keeps it real. She always carries herself with grace but she's not afraid to stand up for herself. I love it.

I'm also a fan of Tamra. There is something very likable about someone who isn't afraid to laugh at themselves. She's bold and she is unfiltered. LOVE. If she doesn't like you, you know it. She doesn't sugar coat anything and she never backs down. I've also enjoyed watching her relationship with Eddie grow, as I feel her marriage to Simon was holding her back from being her true self.

However, this has left me quite conflicted as Gretchen and Tamra have always hated each other (up until this season) I am SO happy that they are now friends and hope that they will continue to be! Team blonde ALL THE WAY! Well, except for VICKI...

Don't get me wrong, I respect Vicki because I think she's a brilliant business woman and she doesn't have to depend on a man for ANYTHING. On the flip side, it seems like she has had a temporary lapse of judgement with this new boyfriend. It seems that Brooks is taking advantage of her, which I think is just as bad as a woman taking advantage of a man. I kind of expected Vicki to pick up on this at some point, but it seems like she hasn't yet and they are still going strong. It says a lot when everyone around you is telling you that someone is no good for you..I mean, even her own daughter doesn't like him. Shouldn't that be enough for her to open her eyes and at least explore the idea that he's not all he is cracked up to be? Vicki has always been open about her "love tank" being's no surprise that Brooks comes on so strong...he is OVERCOMPENSATING for something. It's literally disgusting to me to hear him constantly gush and give her a card for every occasion (you know, important Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays..haha, it's RIDICULOUS)...I think Tamra did the right thing by questioning Brooks and his motives...that's what friends are for. If Vicki doesn't see that she is going to be alone..or worse, stuck with Alexis!

Alexis drives me INSANE. I used to think she was gorgeous but her personality makes her so BLAH to me. I don't think she has been a great friend to Gretchen like she claims. Who calls out their friend across the dinner table about "work" that they may or may not have had done?! Um, who cares if Gretchen had her lips done and wears hair extensions? I know I don't. I think she looks fabulous and I'm all about plastic surgery if you can afford it and there is something about yourself that you want to fix. More power to ya, girlfriend! Alexis should really sit down and watch herself, listen to herself, see how she presents herself. The fact that she calls Heather pretentious is hilarious to me because if anyone is pretentious, it's Alexis! Oh, and the fact that she went on and on about the nose job for four episodes...GET OVER IT. I wish I could get my nose done and I don't see anything wrong with it. Plus, it's no big secret. It's like people who get boob jobs but get mad when you notice it. HELLO, hard to miss. It's all good if you have to have sinus surgery but own up to the fact that you probably would have had your nose done with or WITHOUT the "sinus" excuse.

At first I wasn't crazy about Heather but she has really grown on me. I enjoy her brutal honesty and the fact that she's not afraid of confrontation. I think what really made me decide that I liked her was the fact that she went off on Sarah about eating the bow off her cake. I found this episode to be hilarious. P.S. Sarah is crazy and claims she is a "cast member"....ummmmmm????

My favorite part of the reunion was probably when Alexis said "yes, and she's flying on the private jet!"....Heather, Gretchen and Tamra all throw their arms up and say "ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh the private jet!" HELLO...if that doesn't prove everything they have been saying about you all season, I don't know what does. It made me laugh and I am looking forward to part two of the reunion. I have a feeling things are going to get more heated!

So, who do y'all like? Who is your favorite Housewife and why?

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  1. I am from the OC, yet these women all reside in what is identified as south county. Trust me we are not all like these women in the OC, this is just a small demographic of the area :)

    I agree with everything in your blog. I was always a fan of Vicki until this season. I really hope she sits down somewhere alone and re-watches her behavior from this past season. Brooks is a loser and user and she is making a huge mistake. For a women who has always been all about her children, what the hell is she thinking!

    I love Heather. She too took awhile to grow on me, but she is intelligent and not afraid to speak her mind. I will agree that Tamra, Gretchen, and Heather throwing their hands in the air after the "private jet" statement was CLASSIC! I also enjoyed the "Jesus Jugs" comment.

    Alexis is horrible and she needs to go and have someone new brought into the show. I have heard multiple instances from friends, who have had the displeasure of running into her in Orange County establishments. Her reputation is exactly what the other ladies conveyed last night. And who can forget her twins rolling into the pool while strapped in their stroller!

    1. I wanna go to the OC! seems beautiful!!! I understand that it does not represent all the women of the feelings are the women with the REAL money and status wouldn't do a show like this...but it is still quite entertaining to watch! I'm hooked :) I forgot about the stroller incident! You'd think with all those nannies she would have been covered ;) haha!

  2. As I was reading, I kept saying in my head: "YES!" I totally agree with everything you said! SO glad Tamra & Gretchen are friends now. (Tamra has always been my favorite.) Vicki is crazy for keeping Brooks around. Alexis is super whiney and annoying. And Heather has become one of my new favorites because of her constantly saying, "Oh dear." I say that all the time. Can't get enough of RHOC! :) P.S. loved your post about Emily Maynard! I can tell you're an awesome friend!

    1. thanks for reading! Yes, Heather at first was boring to me but I like her attitude and she really owned the reunion! I can't wait to watch part 2!

  3. Gretchen is my long-time favorite. There's something about her that makes me want to be her friend.
    Heather is second only because her old tv show That's Life was one of my favorite shows.